Learn Technical Analysis Trading Stocks and Options 


Have your investments grown over the last ten years or are you close to where you were ten years ago?  What if your investments in the next ten years are below or the same today?  Do you have more time?  Did you know you could have grown your investments 4 – 5 times in the last ten years?  Does your investment advisor ever discuss what your investment strategy is, the analysis, past goals, and results with you?    Would you like to feel more in control of your investments or at least learn enough to have a good healthy challenging discussion with your investment advisor?   

Studies show that by age 65 only 1% will be financially independent and only 4% will be able to meet their basic needs with 45% dependent on families for assistance.  Growing wealth in the stock market means getting educated, having a strategy and acquiring the tools to create the plan. 

No one knows for sure where the markets, gold or dollar is headed each year but we can prepare you for what to look for no matter what happens.   Investing with tools is one of the greatest examples of “Knowledge IS Power”!  This may be the greatest time to be in stocks as the moves could be huge both ways.  You can’t spend your money to learn anything else more exciting and beneficial to you!  You won’t find a better deal on the complete package, we know!

Through webinars, we offer courses committed to teaching new and beginning investors how to buy and sell stocks and options using technical analysis to use in conjunction with your fundamental analysis.  You will develop a strict plan that gives you rules of when to enter and exit investments.   For more active traders we will also be offering advanced analysis, commodities, and currency webinars.

We are a premier resource for learning investors and active traders.  We are a collection of traders with over 40 years combined trading experience.  Our passion and mission is to help you succeed with your investments.

Will you achieve financial independence ?